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Beeswax Food wraps- Five pack small

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This pack has five small wraps measuring 8 inches square.

Ingredients: 100% cotton cloth. Coated with natural beeswax, jojoba oil and pine resin.

Uses: Perfect to use as a cover for leftovers in glass or porcelain dish ware. Not ideal for use on plastic dishes. It can be used to wrap cooked and ready to eat foods, much like you would use a ziploc bag or saran wrap.  Beeswax wraps should never be used for meat.

Cleaning: Clean only when necessary, for longevity of coating.  For regular use, simply rinse with cold water. If necessary, you may use a mild soap. DO NOT use hot water, harsh soaps, or abrasive cloths/scouring pads. DO NOT put in the washer or dryer.